About Us

At the heart of Aquaholics is a tale of passion and revelry, a tale that began with Captain Ron's unwavering love for boat life. With half a century navigating the waters, he knew the magic that happens when friends come together on the open sea. It was during one of these sun-kissed adventures that the idea of Big Daddy's Tiki Bar Experience was born - a place where the essence of boat life blended seamlessly with the thrill of celebration.

Our Journey of Creation

As laughter echoed against the horizon and stories mingled with the waves, Captain Ron realized that his oasis of fun should be shared with the world. And so, Aquaholics was born - an embodiment of joy, connection, and camaraderie. It transformed from a single idea into a vibrant tapestry of yacht charters and lively tiki bar experiences. Captain Ron's love for good times became the heartbeat of Aquaholics, inviting everyone to be a part of a celebration that transcends the ordinary.

Our Mission and Values

At Aquaholics, our mission transcends the ordinary. We're committed to curating immersive experiences that blend the thrill of yachting with the vibrancy of Tiki bar gatherings. Our values revolve around connection, camaraderie, safety, and the creation of cherished memories. We believe in the magic that unfolds when people come together to celebrate life's milestones and everyday triumphs.

A Message from Our Founder, Captain Ron

Life is a grand voyage, and I've spent five decades sailing its seas, with every wave and breeze a reminder of the thrill that boat life brings. I've witnessed the birth of countless memories, the kind that laughter and camaraderie weave into existence.

Aquaholics isn't just about the ocean; it's about embracing the spirit of revelry that flows through every fiber of our being. It's about boat life - where the horizon isn't just a line, but a boundless invitation to adventure. It's the thumping heart of a party that echoes in the splash of waves, the rustle of sails, and the twinkling lights of the Tiki bar.

As the creator of Big Daddy's Tiki Bar Experience, I sought to share my piece of paradise, and from that dream emerged Aquaholics. A community that celebrates life, connections, and the magic that happens when we leave the shore behind.

So, my friends, whether you're raising a toast under the sun-kissed sky or dancing under the moonlight's embrace, remember that Aquaholics is more than a brand; it's a call to revel, celebrate, and dive into the boat life that sets your spirit free.

Welcome aboard!

Meet Our Team

Our journey wouldn't be complete without our dedicated crew. Led by Captain Ron, our team is comprised of passionate individuals who share his love for the ocean and the art of creating unforgettable moments. From expert captains who navigate the waves to skilled bartenders who craft the perfect cocktails, each member plays a pivotal role in weaving the fabric of Aquaholics.

Captain Ron

Meet the vibrant heart and soul of Aquaholics Florida, Captain Ron. With five decades of sailing tales and a passion for revelry, he's the captain who turns every voyage into an unforgettable adventure. Whether navigating the waves or leading the laughter, Captain Ron ensures that Aquaholics is a haven of joy, camaraderie, and memories waiting to be made.

First Mate Zach

Our easygoing First Mate, Zach, is more than just a bartender – he's your partner in good times. With a smile that brightens up the place and a talent for mixing up delightful drinks, Zach adds a touch of charm to every moment. Whether he's fixing up your favorite beverage or sharing a laugh, he's dedicated to making your celebration a splash.


Making a splash at our tiki bar is none other than our feline friend, Whiskey. This fur-tastic mascot adds a touch of playfulness to every gathering. Whether napping in a sunny spot or curiously inspecting the scene, Whiskey's antics remind us to embrace the whimsy in every moment. Join us in welcoming our pint-sized party purr-vocate to the Aquaholics family!

Step Aboard Aquaholics

The open seas become the backdrop to your adventure, as you join us in revelry that goes beyond boundaries. Every yacht charter and every moment at Big Daddy's Tiki Bar Experience is an opportunity to weave your own tale, to embrace the spirit of boat life, and to let celebration guide your course. Be ready to create memories that linger both in your heart and in the rhythm of the waves.

Land or sea, rain or shine,

Aquaholics gather, life's so fine.

In sun or storm, we'll play away,

Making memories, come what may!

Servicing Fort lauderdale and boca Raton

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